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The Wolf of Wall Street

"The Wolf of Wall Street"

Now You See Me movie poster

"Now You See Me"

Logan Lucky cash

"Logan Lucky"

Hollywood Prop Sellers

Martin Scorsese director Wolf of Wall Street

"The Wolf of Wall Street"
Martin Scorsese

Wolf of Wall Street money suit

Money Suit made with our Vintage style $10,000 bundles.

Jonah Hill with stacks of prop money

Jonah Hill - "...technically, it's my money and you work for me."

suv full of prop money explodes

"Now You See Me"
Blowing up a perfectly good SUV. Now we know where the real money was.

Prop Euros close up

Pallet of Euros, available by special order.

prop money flying in vortex

Emptying the Vault Creating a giant money vortex to empty the vault.

Hollywood Prop Sellers

Logan Lucky money

"Logan Lucky"
Steven Soderbergh

Michael Caine getting rained upon

Money Rain on
Michael Caine

Morgan Freeman Watching the money rain

Morgan Freeman Watching the money drop.

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Unforgettable money vault scene

"Unforgettable" Poppy robs a bank.

burning money pallet

Poppy Montgomery burns the counterfeit money pallet.

money pallet before burn

Prop money pallet of about $50 million.

Bad santa 2

Bad Santa 2

prop money bricks

Movie Prop Money $50k Bricks

UFC Magazine 2015

UFC Magazine
Conor McGregor

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