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Dimension Examples

Here are some example photos to help you determine how many stacks are needed to fill a measured space. The bills are the same size as real money. Each Filler bundle measures 6 1/8" x 2 5/8", and is about 1/2" thick. We have a few links below to our money bags, piles of money, and money pallet pages for more photos and examples. Contact us if you need custom examples or help putting together a shot.

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Prop Money Dimensions

2 million dollar stack

$2 Million Cube, 8 x 25 bundle stacks, 12" across x 11" front to back x 12" tall.

One Million Dollars Size Examples

1 million dollar prop money stack

$1 Million Dollar Stack, 10 x 10 bundle stacks, 12" across x 13" front to back x 10" tall.

$1,000,000 Tall Stacks

1 million dollars movie money high stack

$1 Million Dollar Tall Stacks, 4 x 25 bundle stacks, 12" tall, 12" across, and 5-1/2" front to back.

Money Cube

prop money cube

Our Prop Money Cube measures 12" tall, 18 1/2" across, 18 1/2" front to back, and represents 525 x $10k stacks, or $5,250,000.00.

Series and Denominations

prop money denominations

Available in New Style and 2000s Series.

Crumpled Money

one foot cube crumpled prop money bills

This is a one foot cube filled with 200 crumpled bills, two full print stacks. Crumple 200 bills to fill 12" x 12" x 12". You can use this to find out how much prop money you need to fill a cubic area such as a hot tub, swimming pool, bed of a truck, SUV, etc.

Visit Our Money Piles Page
for photos and measurements of piles of money stacks.

prop money shelf dimensions

Shelf Shot, 4 stacks, side view, Approx. 24 1/2" across

money props shelf dimensions B

25 bundle stacks, 12" high

2 million dollars movie prop

$2 Million Dollars, 200 Bundles, 24 1/2" across

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200 stack prop money mix

200+ bundles with 50 mix denomination bundles added for color and depth.

200 stack money mix side

200+ bundles, 5 stacks deep, approx. 14"

bag of prop money

20" Expandable Duffel Bag with 50 x filler fake money bundles.

See Our Money Bags Page for photos and details.

Brief Case Full of Money

brief case full of money prop

Standard Brief Case with 40 filler stage money bundles. We have a few cases available. Contact us for details.

One Million Dollars

one million dollars prop lot new

100 x $10,000 new $100 bill style prop money stacks. Contact us for larger lot prices.

Prop Money Pallet

50 million dollar money pallet

Check out Our Prop Money Pallet Page for pallet dimensions, photos, and examples.

We've filled Brief Cases, Pallets, Armored Cars, Bank Vaults,
Arenas, and Covered Whole City Blocks.

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