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Industry Standard Professional Movie Money for Motion Picture and Television Production. Fake Money Prop stacks, or bundles, are Available in Two Styles:
- Full Print Prop Money Bundle - 100, Two Sided Bills, each printed with Front and Back images.
- Filler Bundle - One, two sided bill on top and one on bottom with blank filler paper in the middle.

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Movie Prop Money Double Sided

$10k full print prop money bundle Double sided prop money bills

Motion Picture Prop Money Full Print Front and Back -
Available in $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. One hundred prop cash bills, 100 individual, 2 Sided Bills. Flip through, take the bills out, Make it Rain, or do a Massive Money Drop.

Real, offset printed props, not just digital prints.

Filler Movie Money Bundles

$10k filler prop bundle $10,000 fake money stacks

Motion Picture Money Filler Bundles - One, two sided bill on top and one on bottom with color correct blank filler paper in the middle. Usually used for static shots and when stage money stacks are not opened.

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Highest Quality, Legal, Motion Picture Money

Prop $100 bill close up

Our High Grade Offset Printing Process delivers the Highest Quality, Realistic Money Props available, featuring True PMS Colors and Crisp, Detailed Images and Graphics.
With Our Offset Process Printing Press, the ink is printed into the paper, so there is No hot spot, shine, or curling under standard production lighting conditions, unlike the best digitally printed images. Our Stage Money Bills Will Stand Up to repeated folding, moisture, and heavy handling.

All of our props are made with Double Sided Bills, Images on Front and Back.

We Provide Legal Movie Prop Money and strive to comply with all laws concerning the creation and use of double sided prop money. We Do Not Use reproductions, replicas, or manipulated illustrations of real bills. Beware of digitally printed, copied, or slightly altered illustrations and images of real currency. They are illegal, sold on the internet as props, and have prompted an investigation.
Warning - If it looks extremely close to real money, there is a problem. You could, not only lose your footage, but find yourself in a situation. See the United States Secret Service website for details.

Used Distressed Motion Picture Money

Used prop money

Distressed, Circulated, Used Movie Prop Money
$50k Bricks

5 x $10k Filler bundles. The stacks can be taken apart, used individually, and put back together. The Most Realistic Used, Circulated Style Fake Money Props Available.

See Our Distressed Movie Money Page for Details, Photos, and Prices.

Movie Money is Available in All Denominations

Stage money denominations

Motion Picture Prop Money All Denominations: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and Vintage $100. Fake Money Style and Denomination Combinations are Available.

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Leonardo DiCaprio throwing prop bills from yacht

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Movies: "Now You See Me", "The Wolf of Wall Street"...
Television: "Unforgettable", "Person of Interest", "Fargo", "Shark Tank", "The Strain", "Power", and Many More...
Commercials, Game Shows, Print, Corporate Events, Theater, Music Videos...

Large Quantity Motion Picture Money Prices

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We've filled Brief Cases and Bags, Pallets, SUVs, Casinos, Count Rooms, Armored Cars, Bank Vaults, Created Epic Money Drops, Filled Arenas, and Covered Whole City Blocks.
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Our Prop Currency Bills are printed on both sides, the same size as real bills, and specifically designed to register well on camera. The color correct filler paper, for standard filler bundles, and Current U.S. Bank Straps, are chosen for texture and colors, to provide the best photographic qualities. Currency straps are actually manufactured and color-coded to Federal Reserve and American Banking Association (ABA) standards for denomination identification.
Contact us for Special Orders, International Styles, and Custom Bill Design.

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